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FaithCare Nigeria team

(From R-L) Drs. Monday Yilkudi (surgeon), Dele David (pharmacist), and Daniel Gabriel Edo (anesthesiologist) lead the FaithCare Nigeria Team, and coordinate the efforts of our Hospital Project and local outreach to villages throughout the country. To book a project update with the FaithCare Nigeria team, please contact [email protected].



Mobile Clinics

The Nigeria Chapter performs local outreach at least 6 times a year, setting up fully functional clinics in underdeveloped areas where there are no doctors or hospitals areas where people do not have access to general, surgical, and specialty care services. Our medical services team is skilled and compassionate. They travel from village to village with adequate drugs and medical equipment, persisting local outreach in isolated and outlying communities where our patients lack sufficient means of income or transportation to obtain needed care.

Hospital Project

The Restoring Health for Today and Building Hope for Tomorrow campaign is designed to acquire and develop land in Nigeria with a teaching hospital, so that we can progress toward our long-term goal of expanding the availability and quality of healthcare services for thousands of needy patients in the country. We are wrapping up Phase 2 of the project, having completed most of the hospital construction. In the next phase of development, we seek to furnish the hospital and hire staff to operate the facility on a part-time basis. Interested in helping us achieve third phase? Donate Now

Nigeria Project News

Nigeria Update

New Beginnings and 2023 in Review!

In Matthew 14:35-36, those who were sick, hurting, needy, and afflicted were encouraged to seek the love and help of Jesus. This was not only for physical healing, as Jesus said, “Who needs a doctor: the healthy or the sick? I’m more
Nigeria Update

December 2023 Nigeria Outreach Report

During FaithCare’s 2023 December outreach to Ikom, in Cross River State, Nigeria, people came from far and wide hoping to be seen by our team. There were a variety of needs, ranging from physical and surgical, to emotional and spiritual. more
Nigeria Update

Could you design a hospital?

Did you ever play the PC game, Theme Hospital? It came out in the 90s and players were given an empty building to turn into a hospital. As well as designing layout of the rooms, buying equipment and hiring staff members, players had to decide more
Nigeria Update

Mission Update

On average, a FaithCare Medical Mission team can serve 250 to 350 patients, each day. Late February 2022, a medical mission team to Abonnema Rivers State, Nigeria provided 2,302 patient services and 2,245 services in Calabar, more