December 2023 Nigeria Outreach Report
Saturday, December 23, 2023 by Staff

During FaithCare’s 2023 December outreach to Ikom, in Cross River State, Nigeria, people came from far and wide hoping to be seen by our team. There were a variety of needs, ranging from physical and surgical, to emotional and spiritual. One woman came looking for treatment for a very large and painful goiter. Not only was it causing her considerable discomfort, but it could potentially affect her swallowing and even breathing if it was left untreated. She had already seen a local doctor, but was told that the procedure she needed would cost over 500,000 naira – the equivalent of almost $1,000. That’s more than the average Nigerian earns in 3 years!

In her situation, it was an impossible amount. Desperate and hurting, she came to FaithCare.

And we were able to help her.

Not only could we cure her free of charge, but we were able to show her love, hope, and grace. Our hearts are filled to overflowing – not with pride at anything that was accomplished, but with joy from the knowledge that she walked out of the hospital with a much better quality of life ahead of her. Even better, that she walked away with the promise of eternal life and the knowledge of how deep her Heavenly Father’s love for her is.  

Health, Hope, and Healing.

She’s the reason we do what we do, and you’re the reason we’re able to keep doing it! Thank you for your support.

Sadly, her story is not uncommon. We were blessed to be able to help many more during our trip. Here are some of the final numbers:

  • 1,907 patients receiving general consultations
  • 341 ophthalmologic services provided
  • 122 lifesaving and life-changing surgeries performed
  • 105 laboratory tests done
  • 96 cases of dental care & extractions performed


  • 1,194 people received counseling & prayer
  • 256 made decisions for faith & spiritual growth
  • 5 FaithCare Bibles were provided

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