What is a Chapter Meeting?
Friday, November 3, 2023 by Staff

If you receive our emails or have spent time on our website, you’ve probably seen something about chapter meetings. What on earth is that? There are people connected to FaithCare all over the world: Pennsylvania, Connecticut, Florida, and even Nigeria! While we all get together periodically for events like international mission trips or our annual banquets, we also meet regularly with fellow “chapter” members in our local areas. FaithCare is about individual faith, community outreach, and international missions. The chapter meetings are about the individual faith part!

These meetings take place however often each chapter chooses – for example, the Reading PA Chapter meets once a month, usually the evening before our monthly free medical clinic. Meetings are held either at someone’s house, or at a venue, such as the church in Reading PA which hosts our free clinic. There’s lots of general socializing and we usually discuss a medical topic from a spiritual perspective; something applicable to anyone wanting to use health as vehicle to meet people’s needs – just like Jesus did! We sometimes spend a few minutes at the end of the evening doing some setting up for the next day’s event, but the actual volunteering takes place at the clinic the next day and the focus of the chapter meeting is all about connecting and encouraging.

Don’t let the ‘meeting’ portion of the name scare you off, it’s really more of a social gathering than an official meeting. We get together simply to fellowship and enjoy time together.

‘Fellowship’ can seem like a vague, churchy sort of word, so let’s consider The Lord of the Rings. The ‘fellowship of the ring’ was a group made up of all sorts and shapes of people with a common goal, journeying together and helping and encouraging each other. That’s what we mean by ‘fellowship’! We get together once a month and spend time together eating and talking and supporting and encouraging each other. We’re journeying together! Anyone can come, you don’t have to be a volunteer, or involved in the medical field, or even a Christian. And yes, hungry hobbitses, there is food.

Want to join a FaithCare chapter? We’d love to have you! For more info, or to start a chapter, contact the FaithCare office at 860-904-2870 or at [email protected], or see our website

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